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the people decide. "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> first up, in recent weeks, he's become a conservative super hero icon. that following his triumphant speeches at the national prayer service and the cpac political conference. dr. ben carson has a message to roll back obama care, deal with the crushing national debt, and even a bib llically based call r a flat tax. that's what i love. is he the conservative that can save the gop? here is the aforementioned dr. ben carson. director of the pediatric division at john hopkins university. and with us this hour, cnbc contributors keith boykin. as always, dr. carson, great to see you. i'm reading one of many articles that you're retiring in 100 days. i wonder if you would share future plans, especially public service. >> i have a lot of things on my agenda. i've got ten international trips. a multitude of speaking engagements around this country. we're working very hard with the college fund. we're in all 50 states. we're putting in reading rooms all around the country. particular particularly targeting title one schools. >> as y
it endlessly but the truth is don't. >> oren's husband is today in israel for president obama's first visit there as president. is there anything that you learned in the haight as a teenager, any spirit that if it could be brought to israel and the region this week, during this presidential visit you would like to infuse the local leaders with? >> you mean, peace and love? >> yeah. a lot of bragging rights there in case bravo ever does a real housewives of jerusalem. so right now we'll say your smart phone can do a lot of things -- text, tweet, turn into a virtual bubble wrap. but can you place it next to a body and get a complete noninvasive medical diagnosis? now "star trek" fans may know where i'm going. bloomberg says the guy who invented the blackberry, mike lazaritus is putting up $100 million in an effort to turn "star trek's" hand held medical tri co tricorder into reality. some say the devices could become as common as a household thermometer and help us all live long and prosper. want to know if your favorite show is about to get the ax? your twitter feed might hold a few clues. a
. connell: highest level close to five years. the economy may be improving. the problem for president obama is his approval rating is not. 47% of americans approving. doug shaw is here to answer that. a record-breaking run last week. you have home production neared the unemployment rate falling. >> first of all, we have dysfunction in washington. we do not have a budget deal. economic growth was tested in the fourth quarter. there is no sign that it is reviving. there really is no revival on main street. connell: is there something politically bad be done? is there something they are not doing right? shouldn't they be better able to take advantage of the perfect stock market and little bit better economic numbers? i think the president is trying to do that now, connell. reaching out to the public senators and paul ryan. we made a deal on the but with newt gingrich. the same thing needs to be done now. dagen: something really struck me. i do not mean to harp on it. the average american wakes up in the morning, you tell me how he feels or she feels that deficit with the daily impact. you kind
of the white house, expecting an announcement from president obama. his nominee for labor secretary in just a few moments. and while we wait, we're going to take a look at an update on what's ahead many congress week. in congress this wreak. this week. >> host: by pete kasperowicz of the hill. he's a staff writer of the hill newspaper here in washington d.c. mr. kasperowicz, talk a little bit about that spending pill and what's -- spending bill and what the timing is this week. >> guest: yeah. thanks for having me on, john. this is the early work for the senate this week. the senate has to figure this out quickly, because it wants to get through the budget resolution that it's worked up. so they are hoping they can do this today. um, we'll be eagerly. watching the floor when they show up in the early afternoon to to see what they can announce, have they reached a deal on amendments, will there be any? will there be token votes just to appease some people. and then they hope to finish this today or maybe early tomorrow at the very latest. >> host: and if they can finish it by tomorrow, talk
but of course this is the news jacki schechner. >> yeah, wait until we get to the end of the week and then you can decide what you want to call me? >> all right. >> you want to do the news? >> i do. >> president obama will nomination [ inaudible ]. he served in labor licensing regulation. he has a good history for fighting for the common man, and enjoys huge support from labor and latino groups. the supreme court will hear arguments about arizona's top 200. the proposition requires citizens so show proof of citizenship before they can vote. it deems a driver's license sufficient for registration but the arizona law requires further proof, which they will have to bring in in person. if the supreme court agrees with the state, it could open the door for other states to do the same. the president is heading to the middle east this week. it's his first trip to israel as president. we're back with more show after the break. stick with us. ♪ billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to while your carpets may appear clean. it'
. 2013] >> president obama lease for a three country visit to the middle east this week. countryves for a three visit to the middle east this week. in the afternoon, he will meet with prime minister netanyahu. on thursday he goes to the west bank will he will meet with the palestinian authority. then he returns to jerusalem for a speech thursday night. on friday he visits jordan with king abdullah. carl levinay, discussed missile defense policy at an event hosted by the council on foreign relations. last week signature hegel announced plans to expand our missile defense system in response to north korean activities. are your views in the present situation? the problems that i have had for the most part have been the more exotic star wars kind of defenses, not the ballistic defenses we put in. we have been strong supporters of missile defense and others which are against the realistic threats which are real particularly against iranian threats. i think it is probably wise to do what he has done recently. i supported the adaptive approach in europe. i thought that was smart to move th
of middle class cayennes and americans who continue to struggle in the obama economy. >> reporter: and house budget chair paul ryan a few minutes ago called it a good week for house republicans, because he says they are presenting the country a budget that balances in a responsible way. jon? jon: seems like a lot of finger pointing still underway on capitol hill. mike emanuel. >> reporter: i guess. jon: thanks. jenna: a key vote is set to take place on a plan that sees up to 10 percent of some bank goes -- deposits in cypress. it's raising a whole lot of questions worldwide because of the precedent it might set. greg talcott is live in london so, greg, how do things stand now in cyprus? >> reporter: jenna, we are less than an hour to the start of a debate on that plan. reports are that plan has been modified to make it a bit easier to take. the reports again say that there will be no tax or levy imposed on depositors around $30,000 or so but anywhere from 7-10% on all deposits after that. some atms are working on the island nation of cyprus, the banks on that island remain closed. there is t
together to produce a policy paper for the obama administration and we urge all of you to pick up the synopsys of that paper on the way out and it will be available for you on the web very shortly, this week as the president takes off for his trip abroad. and to discuss the thinking behind the trip to the middle east, what mead earns are -- middle east are expecting to hear from the president what the broad range for the middle east, we have this distinguished panel of institute experts. first we're going to hear from ambassador ross, from dennis, who will provide the context, the thinking behind, behind the visit, what the visit might accomplish and how the visit may differ from president obama's first trip abroad in 2009. then we'll turn to david ma chrous can i. david is just off the plane from israel, where we met with senior israelis, senior palestinians, just as the new government was being formed in israel. there is no truth to the rumor that david brokered the final, the final agreement that brought this new government into being. it is not true at all. and we deny it hear
at this point seeing how the sequester is going to be limiting our military capacity in the next couple of weeks and next couple of months. no. i think it was nice rhetoric by barack obama, but we've much more important things to be looking at. we have to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon, we have to make sure the two-state solution doesn't disappear in israel. whether or not the syrian government in the beginning of their civil war was using chemical weapons doesn't need to be a priority right now. >> for once i agree with the president, laying the marker down. the united states of america has never sat on the sidelines when people have created this type of chaos against their own people so i think certainly senator mccain and senator graham along with the president have laid a marker down what is proper and right. this is a serious thing. when people use chemical weapons against themselves, what else will they use against their neighbors. i think the president was correct, he was right, it's very serious and something that should concern the american public. we're certainly weary of
were hoping the loyal obama backer would be rewarded with a position in the administration. st so far, nada. >> we talked early on but what i've said is i want to finish my job. i only have a few weeks left as you said. i think a hundred and some odd days. and i've got a lot of work to do. >> but if he called you? >> once again -- >> hey, tony. >> when they call, when the president calls, you take the call. >> the grandson of a mexican immigrant villaraigosa has put himself in the middle of the debate over the hot issue of immigration reform. >> no human being is illegal. no human being should be illegal. this is one of the areas of real debate whether or not the 11 million who are here illegally should be given a pathway to citizen ship or if they should just be given a pathway to some sort of legal status. >> we ought to give them a pathway. i don't think anything calling itself comprehensive immigration reform will pass if it doesn't provide a pathway to citizenship. it should be earned. no question about it. >> you live in a media empire in california. and your personal life has b
are keeping a close eye on syria after reports last week that chemical weapons were used. both sides claims it was the other side. but u.s. intelligence officials have not been able to confirm the reports. president obama has said that chemical weapons would be, quote, a gameing us for a fair d balanced discussion. congressman edroyce and the ranking member of the committee, congressman eliet engle. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: mr. chairman, your reaction to the news that the opposition leader, backed by the syria says he's resigning because he hasn't gotten enough support? itch this is a big problem. we have finally made a decision, it's too late in the game, to use actionable intelligence it and to assist the free syrian forces on the ground. but here's why we needed to do more to assist this faction. their competition against assad is the cited franchise that operate there is, mostly foreign fighters. so if we with our intelligence and by giving the green light to our allies, if we can do more to assist the free syrian army, we can destabilize and perhaps remove assad.
's love people. let's care about people. let's repeal it now while we can. >> really? obama care is going to kill people? i mean, you are laughing. >> well, i have to tell you, what representative bachmann is talking about is something that came to light a few weeks ago and that is that there are going to be employers who used to insure an entire family and now because of the mandate they are going to choose to just insure the employee and in most cases that means that the spouse and children will no longer be insured. >> i know you're talking again in a couple of weeks. thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. >>> coming up in today's office politics, chris hayes on why the majority of bills get shot down in the gun debates. [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer 360 dusters extender, and you'll dump your old duster. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady, who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer 360 dusters extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lo
are on the fence? >> this is a political red herring. oh, this week it's michael bloomberg and it used to be nancy pelosi and it used to be barack obama. you can use all the scary liberal names, but the reality on the ground, police who don't tend to vote democratic, even police are in favor of what the mayors are suggesting. michael bloomberg maying t be t face, but he's speaking for mayors there cleveland, from detroit, from indianapolis. mayors who are saying i need a different way for congress to respond to this particular problem. so i don't think the fact that bloomberg's name is on it won't cause problems. it might raise attention toward the issue. >> patrick, more than one police chief, they're all for background checks. the nra is fighting back against these ads dollar for dollar. so do you think it's just a little nervous? >> i don't know who is more nervous. if there was such an overwhelming public ground swell of support for this type of thing, bloomberg wouldn't be worried about putting these ads. the other thing is that people keep demonizing the nra and wayne lapierre and i'll be th
? the presiding officer: the republican whip. mr. wiern mr. cornyn: madam president,, president obama recently told the speaker of the house of representatives that we don't have a spending problem. last week, he told abc news that we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of the debt. these comments indicate that the president just does not seem to understand the negative impact of $16.5 trillion in debt on our economy. for that matter, based on their new budget, senate democrats don't seem to get it, either. not only would the budget that was passed out of the senate budget committee last week raise taxes by an additional $1.5 trillion, i it would also increase federal spending by roughly 60% and increase our national debt by $7.3 trillion. i should say as bad as it is, that budget that was passed out of the budget committee last week represents progress. now, how could i possibly say that? well, because it's been 1,419 days since the senate has passed a budget under democrat control. so i guess you could say passing a budget out of the budget committee and having it come to the floor this
? the big story the last couple of weeks has been sequestration. it's failed and supposed to be written in a way that guaranteed a compromise. the idea behind obama care when it kamed to medicaid it would write a law so attract and they couldn't turn it down. a lot of debate about that. i think they have turned out to be validated in that. most of them are now starting to come around. >> michelle bachmann is a supporter of it? in florida you got one party in tallahassee. >> but it also shows you the republican divide. a republican governor who understands the economics, the need to govern and get these people health care in the kind of ideal log in his own party and know they will not do this. >> rick scott has to run statewide and you're looking at a million plus people who could get health insurance because of his decision. but it's not a problem if you're a governor who has got to think about election in a few years. >> no. it will help him an awful lot. but i tell you what, if you are a state rep up from where i'm from. >> totally different. >> somebody says, hey, you want to suppor
in new york. he was in connecticut a couple of weeks ago, one town over from the town. newtown. every time president obama gives a speech, he brings up newtown. they see this as critical in making the american public wants gun measures. the: how much power does vice president have and what does that show in the priority list of the white house? guest: unless there is a tie, he can be a tiebreaker. this is helping to frame the debate. trying to build public support around the country and pressure lawmakers to make them feel like this is of the they have a moral obligation to do. that is a word he and the president use a lot. every week that goes by, he is having a speech that has to do with guns. he is making this a centerpiece on his agenda. they see this as a critical part of the second term, the domestic agenda. host: if you would like to talk with our guest, here are the numbers -- host: we are focusing on the politics of the gun control debate. west virginia, independent. orler: this gun ban background checks is not going to curb or stop anything. anybody that wants a gun can get
in this country to become legal. the week before he defied the hawks in his party to lead a 13-hour filibuster in protest of the obama admission's secretory over its drone war fare program. >> dan senor, you've been involved in republican presidential primaries lately. sorry about that. how would those issues stack up in new hampshire and iowa and south carolina and florida? >> i think the politics, his politics on pure fiscal issues will have tremendous resonance as his father experienced in some primary states and caucus states. i think what is untested is -- from a -- from a political standpoint is his position on foreign policy. his father never really broke through on the neoisolationist politics at the grassroots level beyond a narrow segment of the electorate. rand who i've spent time talking about these issues is much salvier than his father. >> his father blamed in effect u.s. foreign policy for 9/11. i haven't really dug in deep to the cross tabs but i'm guessing that probably doesn't help in western iowa. rand is salvier than that, right? >> sure. talking about the president being i
. guest: thank you. host: president obama and the prime minister will give you -- will be giving a joint press conference. look for coverage on minister ofrael defense from 2007 until this week wrote a piece in today's wall street journal. host: back to our discussion here for the 10th anniversary of the iraq war. we are getting your thoughts this morning. ohio, iraq veteran. caller: good morning. host: what are your thoughts? caller: i am here. host: we're listening. you're on the air. ander: i was there in 2005 from 2006-2007. host: we're listening. --ler: it was more like going door to door and taking people's weapons or whatever. sad thing that happened over there. host: were you there for the surge? caller: yes, i was. that i was in, i do not see any troops come into the city. from what did you hear your fellow soldiers about the surge? did people think it was a good idea when president bush announced it? what happened after? caller: we did not talk about it that much, really. i could not hear what you said. host: it's all right. we will move on to john in florida, and i
through committee was driven by people to the left of president obama. i know this, last year the chairman of the budget committee, kent conrad, was prepared to bring a budget to the floor. my staff and i, we spent weeks preparing for the markup. they met in the democratic conference, and some of the more liberal members hollered that they couldn't accept kent conrad's budget, the democratic budget he was going to set forth. and so they basically refused to let him mark up a budget in the budget committee and refused to bring it to the floor of the united states senate, even though the united states law called for the budget committee to have a hearing and called for a bill to be brought to the floor. and just refused to do it in violation of plain law. so the "wall street journal" said the bill manages the unique achievement of offering no net non-defense spending cuts and no entitlement reform worth the name while proposing to raise $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue in such a way that would ruin the prospects for bipartisan tax reform. let me stop right there. our colleagues keep saying w
the privilege of having dinner with the president a couple weeks ago. i found it very interesting that president obama accurately described the problem in reforming medicare. he said, the problem is that americans pay in $1 but they get $3 worth of benefits. he also went on to say, we've got a problem because most americans don't understand that. well, today i'm asking on the president, i'm asking members on the other side of the aisle to join with republicans to honestly describe the problem to the american public. i mean, you don't solve a problem until you first define it and then, secondly, admit that you have the problem. we have severe problems with social security, with medicare, with other mandatory spending, with other budget. until we come to terms with that, until we are honest with the american people, stop pulling the wool over their ey eyes, we have no chance whatsoever of solving these very severe problems. so with that, i yield back my time, mr. president. ms. stabenow: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. ms. stabenow: thank you, mr. president. i'll b
's what president obama was saying. that struck me, especially his use of ariel sharone's quote. the other interesting thing was he mentioned passover that's coming up next week, and he talked about the story of passover and what was important about that is he was talking about the ancient centuries old claim of jews to the holy land. a lot of arabs do not believe that israel has any right to be there, so it's very important to israelis and jews who support israel that there be some sort of context of a historical claim to the land. those were very interesting moments, i thought. >> jake, i want to switch gears here. a little bit awkward, but you just sat down with jimmy kimmel, who's about to get a new late night rival. anything -- what's going on here? >> well, it's interesting. we went to l.a. and sat down with jimmy kimmel. there are now reports they've been brewing for several weeks, that jimmy fallon will replace jay leno when his contract is up in 2014. i asked him about it, if we have that clip. >> already there's talk about mr. leno's departure, although i've read those stories be
of next week. i will talk about the potential for a wet weather forecast in my next report. >> following live pictures out of jordan this morning, president obama is just arriving at the palace where he is being greeted by king at ballot, that maybe him just the left of the president. it is hard to make out. the resin that has arrived and will be an talks now about what they're going to do and the oncoming situation with syria. there been flooded with refugees that have been coming into jordan to escape the violence. they're also talking with leaders to find out what they do with government reforms and jordan to avoid what we've seen in some the other arab countries in the past couple of years. revolutions from the ground up. we will see what comes out of these talks today. >> 833 a m and we continue to monitor a school threat and there was a post of facebook that said something was going to happen. will tran is live at aargau high- school. >> the reason why, they won a major nothing happens today as well. the person next to the one in the blue sweater is a police officer that has been h
" friday night of this week at 9:00. the documentary sheds light on the manipulated intelligence that got us into iraq. unfortunately we have not learned from all we lost in iraq. as president obama has also committed us to an additional 10 years in afghanistan, thanks to a strategic security agreement he made without congress voting on it or even debating it. this weekend i read two articles that really spoke to the corruption happening in afghanistan. one was an a.p. article i read in my hometown paper titled "u.s. helicopter crashes in afghanistan killing one" and the other is from "the new york times" titled "afghans protest u.s. special forces: complaints about night rage spark calls for withdrawal." i'll quote from the first article. the crash has come as united states officials are grappling with tough talk from president karzai whose recent anti-american rhetoric has complicated relations at a time when international troops are withdrawing from the war. the article continues saying, karzai stated this week by accusing the united states and the taliban of being in conclusion on two
will stay open for a week if anyone would like to submit initial statements or questions. the meeting is adjourned. thank you all. unconfirmed reports accuse the syrian government of using chemical weapons against rebel fighters. president obama commented on these reports during his trip to israel. >> with respect to chemical weapons, we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happens. obviously syria right now you have a war zone. you have information that is filtered out, but we have to make sure that we know exact to what happened, what was the nature of the incident, what can we document and what can we prove so i've instructed my teams to work closely with all of the countries in the region and international organizations and institutions to find out precisely whether or not this red line was crossed. i will note without at this point having all the facts before me, that we know the syrian government has the capacity to carry out chemical weapons acts. we know that there aren't those in the syrian government who have expressed a willingness to use chemical weapons if necess
the mail six days a week. and that opinion could mean lawsuits to stop the plan if the postal service's plan does go through you would still get packages and express mail on saturdays. just no mail delivery. >>> president obama preparing for the final stop on his middle east tour. he'll be in jordan for talks with king abdullah. the president is wrapping up his visit to israel and the west bank spending time earlier at the grave, the former prime minister assassinated in 1995. the president is trying to revive peace talks and reassure israelis that america is on their side. >> today i want to tell you, particularly the young people, so that there's no mistake here, so long as there's a united states of america, atem lo lolani, you are not alone. >> you are not alone. senior international correspondent ivan watson is live from amman, jordan, today. what's on tap for the president today? >> reporter: well, he's continued his term offensive trying to convince a skeptical israeli he's a friend of israel. he visited the holocaust memorial in israel. and he spoke out about never wanting to
for their two week recess, finishing work with funding federal spending at 2012 levels and includes the $85 billion in across-the-board sequestration cuts and heads to president obama for his signature. the house also approved paul ryan's budget proposal which would cut 4.6 trillion dollars over 10 years, repeal the 2010 health care law and replace traditional medicare with a government subsidy to purchase health insurance. the house will return tuesday, april 9. we will have live coverage. meanwhile, a live look in the u.s. senate chamber. the senators will be speaking throughout the day. 50 hours of debate underway in the u.s. senate and you can follow that on c-span two. we expect a round of amendment votes this afternoon. among the amendments they have debated and voted on, the proposal by house republicans, the ryan budget, which failed in the senate as an amendment by a vote of 40-59, and they also passed narrowly an amendment the medicalveal device tax in the 2010 health care law. again, the debate is underway. we caught up with a capitol hill reporter for inside information on the b
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michelle obama. what oscar de la renta is now saying about a relationship that, quote, started off poorly. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm kate bolduan. you're in "the situation room." it is a huge week for anyone with a stake on either side of the same-sex marriage debate. and a lesbian cousin of chief justice john roberts, seen here, is among those who will be watching closely as the supreme court hears arguments on two major cases. cnn crime and justice correspondent joe johns has details. >> reporter: they're waiting to witness history. >> as a gay american i think it's very important to be a part of history. >> reporter: scores of people standing in line since last thursday, dealing with snow from sunday to monday, all in hopes of grabbing one of 250 or so seats available for the general public when the supreme court takes up same-sex marriage this week. >> it takes dedication to be out here. >> reporter: also expected in the audience on wednesday as a guest of the court, jean padraski and her partner. jean is a lesbian cousin of chief justice john roberts. i team confident that john
>> tonight, a look at the iraq war which began 10 years ago this week. first, president's 2003 speech at the start of the invasion of iraq. then, today's discussion of the iraq war and its effects from the carnegie endowment for international peace. later, president obama meets with palestinian authority president mahood abbas -- mahmoud abbas. u.s. forcesago, invaded iraq with the mission of overthrowing the regime of saddam hussein. at the start of the invasion president bush addressed the nation from the oval office. >> my fellow citizens, at this hour american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. on my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine saddam hussein's ability to wage war. these are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign. more than 35 countries are giving crucial support, from the use of naval and air bases, to help with intelligence and logistics, to the deployment of combat units
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